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We at WasabiConcept are here to dress the curious, the playful, the stylish women. The women who love to dress fashionably and those who love to stand out with their personal looks. We cater to all women that sighs for high quality curvy fashion. 

Our prints are bold, the colors are always on trend and most importantly – shapes and fits are perfectly flattering. You’ll recognize our high-quality fabrics from soyaconcept, and we stay true to our ability to adapt to current trends – Because it is all about style and it is all about you and your customers.
WasabiConcept launch 4 collections yearly. They’re playful, yet elegant, designs, light-hearted prints and high-quality fabrics. They’re prints and pieces to create a striking outfit with little effort.
We’ve tried and tested every style we offer. As the markets demand change and evolve, so do we. We’re openminded and curious, always driven to explore new initiatives.
There is room for all types of women in our WasabiConcept universe - whether you’re all about the feminine lace T-shirt, or you’re more of a casual sweat kind of type. Our selection of blouses and pants are comfortable, feminine, and chic. The xx is a must-have in any wardrobe, with many on-trend details and to an affordable price that simply can’t be overlooked. 
WasabiConcept is Danish, we’re solid and we’re here to bring everyday fashion to all women. We call it comfortably uncomplicated.

We act on increasing demands and are fully dedicated to do as good as possible.  Though it is hard as s a fashion company to claim one being 100% responsible, we are working hard to improve and push change. We can surely say – we want to be as responsible as possible.